Tuesday, January 5, 2010


For YA and MG writers, Kidlit is running a contest for the best beginning of a FINISHED manuscript. Entries need to be less than 500 words.

Click this link to read the rules:
Kidlit Contest
Deadline - January 31st

Nathan Bransford is also having a contest for the best teen diary entry less than 500 words. Here is the link to that:
Secret Year Diary Contest
Deadline - January 6th

Good luck!


  1. I haven't decided whether or not to post on Nathan's. I've been too busy to come up with something good.

    But I definitely want to enter the other one. Too fun!

  2. That was so nice what you said about my entry! Made my day. Did you enter? I feel for Nathan having to read all that work, ack!

  3. T Anne -
    Of course I entered. :) I'm under "Hilabeans" somewhere in the 300 range.

    I don't know how Nathan does it. So many entries - at least it's not in the 1200 range like the last contest.