Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Angel Thing

After reading Hush, Hush, I got to thinking. (Yep, that little hamster’s still going strong.) What’s the deal with the new angel trend?

Maybe being brought up in a Baptist household changed my perception of God’s heavenly henchmen, but I don’t think there’s anything sexy about angels. Between androgynous representations like in “Constantine” (awesome movie) and the chubby cherubs seen in paintings, I don’t find hunky man-dude with feathery appendages. And about the feathers, that’s just weird. They’re like birdmen, but not. Have you seen a bird molt?

I heard someone say that angels are the new vampires. Granted, the idea of a fallen angel makes sense due to their lack of wings and sinful nature (and who doesn’t like a story about redemption?) but it’s hard for me to imagine falling in love with your guardian angel.

Let’s break this down –
1 – He’ll always be more beautiful than you with his sparkly essence and/or flowing robes of white.

2 – He’ll always make you feel bad for sinning, so you’d better get your guilt on.
(My internal editor just evacuated.)

3 – He’ll never age while you’ll continue to deteriorate. Vampires are cool because they can make you one too. I don’t see angels handing out seraph-dom.

On the flipside, the idea of sacrifice works. All I can hear right now is Sara McLachlan and it’s killing me – I’m getting there – “City of Angels” is a good example of this. Guardian angel throws away eternity to be human. Okay. I get it.

But I’m still creeped out by the feathers.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: I did enjoy Hush, Hush.


  1. Well it depends. How hot is said angel?

  2. make me laugh! My first MS was about an angel...kinda. But the chick was one, not the boy. Yeah I'm not really all about feathers either.

    I think it's that vampires and wizards have been done so everyone was like, "What's left" which mean angels and ghosts. So there you have it....

  3. T Anne - it doesn't matter if feathers are involved. ;) Angels sans wings... now I can deal. Especially with lots of muscles and no "holier than thou" stuff. Basically, I like me some fallen angels.

    Marybeth - I see your point about wizards and vamps. What about mummies or zombies or swamp-thing-ies?

  4. I've got no problem with birdmen, but I'm with you on the angels. It's not a part of theology I ever really glommed onto.

    Although I also liked Constantine, and Dogma for that matter. But the latter I mostly liked for its making fun of the mythos.

  5. COMPLETELY agree!! Maybe it's because I had a bird once, but the feathers just gross me out. Birds are just so dirty, I can't imagine wanting to make out with one. What would your bed look like after? ick.

  6. i think the trend is that they are falling in love with the bad angel not the guardian angel. Its the bad boy syndrome with wings :)

  7. I think we are going to be seeing lots of mummies and Zombies soon too.

    PS...award on my blog :)