Friday, July 31, 2009

Not Like the Others

People think I'm weird. I know they do and no, it's not the underlying paranoia speaking. The sideways glances and tiny quirk of the eyebrows give it away every time.

Honestly, they are probably right. I am different and isn't that what being weird is -- not fitting between the parameters which makes a person normal?

Top 5 reasons for my weirdness:
1 - I'm a writer. No explanation necessary.

2 - I hate chocolate. Even through the computer, the collective gasp of disbelief astounds me. Why do people dig that stuff anyway? Sour Patch Kids are so much tastier.

3 - I drive a stick shift. Apparently, this is not normal for a married, thirty year-old woman.

4 - I turn hermit from time to time. Yeah, it's inconvenient, but it is what it is. (cringe)

5 - I despise cliches and over-used phrases (like the end of number 4).

So, what makes you weird?


  1. I am part hermit as well. About the chocolate thing, I only like dark. In fact the darker the better. Unless of course it's a peanut butter chocolate Easter egg. There are always exceptions in life...

  2. Dude, I think we might be twins. I am hermit. I am over thirty and drive a stick. I am a writer. Oh, but I adore chocolate. And those french fried onion things that are supposed to be a garnish. Love 'em.