Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update: Warm Saturday Night in LA

Update to my May 2nd post: I now know the cause of the loud gunshot noise last Saturday night. All of you were losing sleep over it, I'm sure.

It turns out there was a drive-by but with a twist: some kids "acid-bombed" a home one street over from mine. They turned off their headlights, rolled slowly up to the intended target, and pitched a home-made explosive onto the front porch of their "friend's" house.

What's an acid bomb?

Apparently, the young people of today are chemists.

The neighborhood watch reported the malevolent high-schoolers combined tin foil with a type of acid found in cleaning products in a liter bottle and (voila!) created an acid-spewing tool of terrorism. Perfect. One more thing to add to my growing list of phobias.


  1. That's awful. The last thing LA needs is a acid-spewing tool of terrorism. Sorry, I couldn't resist. You made it sound so special. I hope everyone was OK.

  2. Oh man, next thing you know, kids will be throwing baking soda at peoples houses.