Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Success at a Meyer Level


If you read Stephenie Meyer's bio, you'll find that in 6 months her first book was dreamt, written, represented, and sold. Mind-blowing.

How does one achieve this level of success in the literary world?
Let's call it the Meyer level.

1 - Her books are fantastic. They are sweeping and fluid in spite of other authors' criticism of her technique.

2 - She has a bit of controversy surrounding her. Come on, she's a nice Mormon girl writing about eternally-damned-blood-sucking vampires. Okay, okay... I'll give in... Edward has a soul. (yes, that is me in the pic ;))

3 - She's approachable. Well, maybe not in the literal sense, but her story's voice is very easy to get along with.

4 - She's super lucky. She even says so on her website.

As much as I would love even an ounce of her acclaim, here's hoping that this NorCal girl will create a new level of success: the Heskett level.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Let's hope the Meyer level er..um...syndrome is contagious. Nice post! Welcome to blogging!

  2. Controversy's always good, especially when it's coming from the church (apparently - look at Harry Potter!). There's no such thing as bad publicity.

  3. Her books are great, but I definitely think controversy helped her. Plus, there are a TON of Mormons who are going to buy her book out of curiosity. I say you tell people you're a hard core Catholic or something:) Or, a reformed stripper. Then go write inspirational lit. lol:)